Metalization Based Treatment for Families.

What is MBT-F?

Mentalization Based Treatment for Families (MBT-F) is based on mentalizing, or understanding the mental state, of families to achieve better communication, decrease the number of disagreements and reduce stress. Mentalization refers to our capacity to make sense of thoughts, feelings and behaviours for our own experiences as well as those around us. The evidence based approach of MBT-F brings together attachment theory, systemic theory, CBT practices and a social ecological framework to understand and work with families.  Used in a clinical setting, MBT-F can address challenges in families such as emotional and behavioural problems, anxiety, eating difficultiesdepression and conflict in relationships
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The goals of MBT-F

Assist those who may be distrustful of others or have difficulty in reading the responses of those around them
To focus on the difficulties in your current life situation to improve your understanding of yourself and others
Help better understand and control impulses, emotions and behaviours - resulting in improved relationships
Lessen long-term difficulties in relationships and reduce emotional distress or overwhelming feelings

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