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At Wise Institute, our evidence-based approach to research and development brings cutting-edge products, new ideas, and valuable services to life.

Wise’s collaborations in exploratory research and learning products combine the domains of cognitive behavioural science, learning, education and psychology to underpin the evolution of high-impact projects.

Our Founder, Natasha Davis, was commissioned by Curiious, an innovative immersive learning company, to be Lead Subject Matter Expert to help develop an immersive social and emotional learning program, delivered via VR headsets to adults, educators and students. In this experience, users engage with emotional fitness tools using contemporary teaching strategies. With Wise Institute providing psychological expertise and team leadership, Curiious have delivered a virtual reality product that is now used locally and internationally and was selected as an excellence awardee in the Australian Education Awards 2021.

If your team is looking to apply robust psychological principles and clinical research to the design of wellness and health-related applications or emotional fitness programs, please reach out for further information on how Wise Institute can assist.

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At Wise Institute, developing new ways to deliver thought-provoking programs is what we do. Drawing on the experience of our seasoned team of psychologists, we collaborate to enhance outcomes and solve problems in real-world situations.
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