Solution-Focused Therapy

What is Solution-Focused Therapy?

Solution-focused therapy is a type of treatment that harnesses our ability to problem solve. Through taking a goal-oriented approach, psychologists assist clients to move toward the future, utilising their own knowledge of what will improve their lives. This therapy is often successful with clients facing challenges with depressionalcohol and substance abuse and eating difficulties. In sessions, the psychologist guides clients to envision a future without the challenge they are facing. Through coaching and discussion, the resources the client has are discovered and a more positive outcome is defined.

As a form of positive psychology, solution-focused therapy invites clients to build of aspects of their lives that are working well already and to take small steps toward the resolution of problems. By achieving a sense of hope and a change of perspective, clients can more easily decide what daily actions they would like to undertake to move continuously closer to their goal.

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The goals of Solution-Focused Therapy

Improved relationships and physical well being
Freedom from anxiety and depression
Instilling a sense of hope, self-recognition and self-esteem
Enable a perspective shift that will result in positive actions being taken
Evaluate motivations to change

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