Relax, refocus, recharge this Christmas

The year of 2020 has been one for the history books. For months we’ve seen the COVID-19 pandemic wreak devastation on the lives of so many, and trigger enormous social change around the world. As we approach this Christmas break with ongoing uncertainty, it’s crucial we use this time to relax and recharge our bodies and our minds after a year of stress, fear and uncertainty. 

Don’t stretch yourself too thin

Considering that socialising with friends and going out to restaurants has been off the table for so long, it may be tempting to make up for lost time. But too many late nights, too little sleep, and too much overindulgence may leave you feeling worse for wear. Make sure you schedule some quiet, free days to catch up on sleep and rest. 

Switch off from work

When you have your leave, make a commitment to truly switch off from your job. A whole day of healthy relaxation can easily be ruined by opening up your work emails. Consider deactivating message notifications on your phone and keeping the work laptop closed. If you need to be on call during the Christmas break, be strict about only being online and available for the agreed upon periods.

Be OK saying no

This can be a hard one for many of us – but it’s one of the most liberating ways to have a more relaxing holiday. We only get so much vacation time each year, and the more you reluctantly fill it with obligations, the less you will enjoy it. Prioritise the events that are the most important to you and know that it’s perfectly OK to decline those invitations and activities that fill you with stress or dread.

Commit to healthy habits

During the months of lockdown, we may have let our healthy eating patterns slip and our take away orders skyrocket. Take advantage of the time off to get your healthy eating plan back on track and enjoy cooking delicious, nutritious meals for yourself and those you care about.

Get outside and be active

With many of us working from home for long stretches of time and gyms closing, staying active may not have been the top priority this year. Summer holidays are the perfect opportunity to get outside in the sunshine and get some exercise – whether that be going for a swim at the beach, doing an outdoor yoga class, or walking your dog in the park.